In my family, we judge, and we hate and when we have scorched every earth and we’re all used up, we die, miserably.

 There are no secrets in life, just hidden truths that lie beneath the surface. 

but why does wendy even have a promotional photo?


My Queen

Ben Affleck does the Ice Bucket Challenge with some help from Jennifer Garner.

queentaraknowles said: in the comic con interview katey says that she loved tara and feels sympathy for jax for losing her. ugh. yeah right. gemma is so self centered that she enjoys the fact that she gets to ‘nurture’ her baby boy jax ugh.

amen!! that’s exactly it!! i’m sure she’s fucking ecstatic to be back to being the #1 women in her precious sons life. she’ll also be the #1 female in her grandchildren’s life, so gemma will be in her glory. she makes me fucking sick, all she cares about is herself. and sympathy for jax my ass! that sympathy wouldn’t even exist if she fucking spoke to her son before going on a fucking psychotic rampage. yeah that sympathy is real rich coming from the very person who put his wife in the grave, fuck off gemma

❝ Anonymous asked: So I just read on the TV GUIDE site, thanks to a link on the Jax_Tara twitter, that Juice' s hideout won't be a secret for long and he may end up using his "weakened position" to his advantage and how that makes him the "most dangerous person on the show". I still want him dead too though; weak prick.

Hmm…I mean I guess he could be the most dangerous person on the show simply because he really has nothing left to lose, but I still hope he dies too. I really don’t give a shit about juice anymore, I hope he’s one of the first to go. I wonder why he’s even hiding out, I mean I know gemma is probably keeping him away from the guys so he doesn’t spill his guts, but like the club doesn’t really have any leads on Tara and Eli’s murder. They probably won’t know until someone comes forward and tells them, maybe unser? I don’t know. He really needs to go though, I’m sick of his storyline tbh and he just pisses me off anymore

❝ verycleanindeed asked: I have to say, I think Gemma felt remorse from the moment she realized what she did. Now, that doesn't mean it's remorse for Tara's death. It could be remorse for knowing what will happen when Jax finds out. But she does feel remorse. (Doesn't change the fact that Sutter's ego is out of control.)

That could definitely be true! It could be a different kind of remorse, since she knows how bad it will be when Jax finds out the truth. Kurt and the spoiler sites are making it sound like the remorse she is feeling is from her killing Tara, like she feels bad about it because she loved Tara in some twisted way. I would rather the remorse you’re talking about because that’s definitely the evil and selfish Gemma we all hate

pascalispunk: Thank u @sophie_789 for the nomination. I nominate @mssarah__paulson @iamlenaheadey and @uzoaduba #IceBucketChallenge #alsicebucketchallenge #strikeoutals


CHALLENGE ACCEPTED… lets see how many more we can get!