at least we know abel will hate gemma as much as we do

You came to my aid once a very long time ago. I write in the last hope that you can find it in your heart to think of me once again… Show me the same kindness now that you once showed an orphan girl under the boardwalk… You are the only one left who knows me… I know in your way you thought you could save me. Would it have been better for both of us if you had not? We were innocent once… If you would come, if you would sit beside me… There is forgiveness for everyone… P l e a s e  h e l p  m e.

I was trying to be a good Grandma and to help my family. I love my family. But accidents, you know sometimes, sweetheart. Accidents just happen. And they happen for love. They happen for reasons we don’t understand. 

queenfionalarkin said: Exciting to see him even if his character is not a friend…or maybe since Jax started all this he isn’t such a bad guy.

i knew he was coming on the show but i wasn’t sure when, so it was a pleasant surprise. finally a guest star i can actually enjoy? i mean his character doesn’t seem to pointless.

brianna-frasers said: my dad said the same thing; i think the two of them would fit in well here

lol yes! they definitely would! i was honestly so proud that my mom was having none of that bullshit lol. she beat me to the rant

❝ Anonymous asked: In episode 10 he and G go to see the principal at Abel's school so I think it does have to be pretty intense for that to occur. Maybe then, we'll finally, FINALLY have him shed bucket loads of tears for Tara.

im telling you, i fully prepared to see him physically hurt something. an animal, a student, something. that poor kid is being put on a very dark path. YES!! hopefully that will make him jax feel something other than anger! i just need him to die dammit!

❝ Anonymous asked: Right, when W said she didn't know what was up with him, I was like are you fucking kidding me?!! His mother just died and his father is not around to comfort him. Everyone is fucking oblivious except for poor Abel.

lol i just laughed because that response was so fucking ridiculous. “i don’t know what’s wrong with him” “he seems distant” like no fucking shit Sherlock. this poor kid has lost his mother, never sees his father, and is stuck with strangers half the time. no one even consoles him over the lose of his mother, he’s like 4 and he’s left to deal with that shit all by himself. yeah if i was abel i’d be distant too. no one even thinks of dealing with abel’s problem, they just ignore him and let him do his on thing. i mean the kid was sent home from school early for starting shit with other students, i think that should be something that needs to be addressed. especially by wendy!! she’s supposed to be the sane person on the show, so she feel this way. i don’t expect much from gemma because her parenting is always awful, but dude if wendy is supposed to be the most level headed person on the show make her act like it

most shocking part of the episode:

❝ Anonymous asked: UGH I know, tell me about it!!! With Lin gone and Jax getting his "revenge" for Tara's death, he'll be completely immersed in club business. This situation with Abel apparently is only going to get worse and when Jax begins to reflect on how his choices have greatly negatively impacted/will impact his sons I'm wondering what actions he's going to take to prevent it from getting to the point of no return.

Yup and now he started this whole war with Marks, so he’ll never be around his kids. At this point, I  wouldn’t be surprised if Abel started killing small animals and shit. That poor kid is going to have so many issues and Jax and Gemma are to blame for all of it. I wonder what it will take to finally snap Jax out of it, Abel has to do something pretty bad. Hopefully whatever it is will make Jax realize that he needs to finish Tara’s mission and get those boys far away from Charming

❝ Anonymous asked: This is exactly everything Tara wanted to protect her children from . T.T

it just really fucks me up that abel is showing signs of aggressive behavior in and out of school and just seems downright emotionally disturbed, but no one seems to give a shit. gemma and wendy just let it go like nothings wrong, like abel’s fine. abel is far from fucking fine. this is why i will throw a fit if wendy is the one who ends up with the boys in the end, she’s a shitty parent just like gemma. tara is probably rolling over in her fucking grave right now. at this point tara’s grave marker would make a better guardian to those boys than anyone else on this show