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❝ Anonymous asked: I wanted him to get his revenge and then take their sons out of Charming and start over. I don't think he'll make it out alive either, especially at the rate he'll be going; inciting the chaos because he's trying to find out who killed his wife. Jax definitely died with Tara; there's no coming back for him. I can't say enough how badly I want Margaret to be next in line to raise Abel and Thomas.

i completely agree with everything you said!! i would love for jax to clean up his act and live a semi-happy life far away from charming (after taking revenge on everyone who did tara wrong of course), but i honestly don’t think this poor guy has a chance. unfortunately for the boys, i don’t see a jax without tara. i don’t think he’d be able to do it on his own, without her. he would just be a shell. jax is going to be an opie 2.0. from that article charlie said jax does something really brutal to the man he thinks killed tara, sounds a lot like opie in the season 2 premiere. margaret is the only person i have left lol! she would do right by those boys and i pray jax sees that, or that tara rewrote her will before she died, making margaret guardian instead of wendy 

debrasmorgans said: lol wendy good lord. team margaret or team fucking no one and all of them should fucking die

yes!! margaret is the only horse i have left in this fucking race. fuck wendy. didn’t she have a dog or something? shouldn’t that be enough?

goddamitboyd said: wow great to know that tara’s death is being viewed as an opportunity to move on, smh

tara’s death being pushed aside for a wendy arc, yeah that’s exactly what everyone wants to see…..this show raises my blood pressure. god dammit sutter

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❝ Anonymous asked: I hate with every fiber of my being as well, she is completely useless and SO weak!!!The only two people who would keep Tara's memory alive for Abel and Thomas are Jax and Margaret. Judging from CH'S comments that were released today about Jax this season it sounds like he will no longer feel like he has a reason to get out of the life with Tara gone. Margaret would be the best. :""(

Yeah I have a feeling he’s just not going to give a shit at all this season, it sounds like grieve will totally send him through a downward violent spiral. i read that little teaser on twitter earlier and it kinda made me a little mad because it charlie pretty much said that jax feels like he doesn’t really have a reason to get of of charming or be a better man. i’m glad that tara’s grieve is destroying him to the point where he feels like there is no life without tara, but what about abel and thomas? shouldn’t he want to be a better man for them? or even to do right by tara, considering his life is the reason she’s dead in the first place. i really hope margaret gets the kids because i doubt jax will make it out alive. he’s going to go through the same ordeal opie went through and then he’ll die

❝ Anonymous asked: "W is the only innocent character and she's not being manipulated"?! The delusion is so fucking real it's disturbing lmfao. I'm beyond pissed that such a non factor character is still around and will he getting more screen time. I'm trying so hard to focus on the fact that Tara would want HER sons safe no matter what. I just wish Margaret was an actual contender to raise them.

I screamed “are you fucking kidding me??” as soon as she said that. I’m just so baffled!! In what work is Wendy not being manipulated?? Sutter should have killed her off in the pilot like he originally planned, there is absolutely no point in having Wendy around. She’s just there, like I can’t really describe her fucking presence on the show. She’s like a fucking piece of furniture, expect a piece of fur note actually serves some purpose. I didn’t have a problem with Wendy getting the boys earlier in season six, but now that’s a big nope for me. She better not get those kids. Like tara said she’d be a terrible mother, she caves under Gemma to quickly. She betrayed Tara and it would honestly make my stomach churn to hear abel or Thomas call her mommy. She wouldn’t keep Tara’s memory alive, Abel would never no what she sacrificed for him because Wendy would humor right in the mommy role for him. I hope to god Margaret is still an option, she’s the only one I’d be more than okay with. I’m sorry for the rant, lol Wendy really pisses me off. I hate her so much

sonofataraknowles said: Did you see drea’s interview after the panel? She said something on how wendy has been the only innocent character on the show and they asked whats the situation between jax and wendy this season and she said something like, she din’t know but knew that now tara is gone and not the head of that family anymore that they can finally move on with a story line or somethin another. Idk, her response just pissed me off. She was with dayton callie during the interview if u try to find it

i just watched it and it really kinda pissed me off too. okay first of all “she is the only character that isn’t being manipulated” are you fucking kidding me drea?????? gemma tried to kill wendy and now wendy’s back to being her little lap dog and is content with the boys staying in charming. gemma is fucking playing wendy like a fiddle. that response is so fucking delusional, she’s as bad as katey with gemma. and it fucking pisses me off even more because the way she was talking about the boys it kinda sounded like wendy could end up with them in the end, which i’ve fucking feared since she was boosted to a series regular. even in the interview it sounds like her presence will just be unnecessary. she better not play mommy to abel and thomas for 13 eps and then end up with them in the end. all my fucking dvds, posters, and shirts will go in the fucking trash if that’s how this show ends

cameronsfryed said: did anyone at the panel even ask about tara?? like was that not a thing jfc

seriously as of right now, i don’ they even fucking mentioned her. if i was there, i’d stand in line for hours to ask tara related questions, or sit in the front row and just yell tara related questions just to make them talk about her. the cast/fans probably forgot because she’s not gemma, or opie apparently

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